Celebrate l.o.v.e. with some connecting, reflecting, creativity, & meditation, as we explore and unleash our ability to love ourselves and treat our bodies with kindness and gratitude.

Learn how to transform your relationship with your self from a self-defeating struggle to an experience of body acceptance, self-appreciation, and radiance. During this 4-week mastermind, complete with weekly live interactive calls, guided meditations and creative immersive exercises, you will discover how to treat your self with love and kindness, and how that can manifest abundance and positivity in every other part of your life.

Begins March 5th, 6 pm PST/9 pm EST

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Your SELF WORTH Determines 

Until we feel worthy, deep inside, of the abundant life we desire, we won’t feel worthy of manifesting it. When we don’t feel worthy on the inside, we develop patterns that prevent us from having the money, love, time, energy, health, and joy we want and deserve.

Join us for this 4-week Mastermind to step into the powerful, radiant, vibrant GODDESS that you are and ignite a radiant self-image so you can manifest the abundant life you so richly deserve. 

"Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.” 

Brené Brown - from The Gifts of Imperfection  

Meet Your Guest Teachers

Rachel Cord is a Wellness and Recovery Coach. Her lifelong mission has been connecting authentically and deeply with others, cultivating love and compassion, and exploring new ways to grow and learn. Through experiencing her own struggles, obstacles, and journey of healing, she has become a heart-centered advocate for eating disorder recovery and mental health. With a Masters degree in Psychology, she believes in the importance of caring for the mind, body, heart, and soul as a whole. Rachel is an aspiring yogi, a dog-mom, and a student of the natural healing power of essential oils.  

Josie Kramer is a yoga/meditation teacher, holistic health guide, mindfulness-based counselor, and massage therapist. She is motivated by a dynamic passion for personal, cultural and global transformation. Josie's prayer and vision is that we all rise up and become the light, the healing our world so dearly needs. Josie has a passion for bringing people together through the practice of yoga and deepening awareness of self through immersion in the natural world.

About Manifesting Mamas

We've used universal laws to create our dream life and helped hundreds of other women do the same. Now it's YOUR turn. 
The key is to believe anything is possible and know that you are worthy of your desires. Our mission is to inspire you to create that belief and hold you in your power as the conscious deliberate creator of your life.